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History of the Kontzie Family

Charles David Kontze + Barbara Elisabeth (Kaiser)

Ferdinand Kontze

Christian Frederick Kontzie + Jane Anderson (Drysdale)

Carrie Christine Kontze

Amelia Elizabeth Kontzie + ??? McFarlane

Charlie Kontze

Arthur Kontze

Charles William Kontzie + Helen (McCourt)

Edwin John Kontzie + Rosetta (Schooley)

Theodore Kontzie

Albert Charles McFarlane

Mildred Kontzie McFarlane

Donald Cassidy Kontzie + Naomi M. (Thiesen)

Fred J Kontzie + Anita (Malinoski)

Gladys Kontzie

Orval Frederick Kontzie + Jessie (Hainsworth)

Gordon John Kontzie + Alberta Jean (Bell)

Herbert Edwin Kontzie

Gary Brian Cassidy Kontzie

Lynda Charmaine Judith Kontzie

Don Kontzie + Gail (Fisher)

Corinne (Kontzie) +

Marilyn Janis (Kontzie) + Bill White

Keith Kontzie + Marsha

Gladys (Kontzie) + Clair Howden

Roy Kontzie + Candace

Russell Gordon Kontzie + Diane Lynn (Strong)

Linda Jean (Kontzie) + Greg Nicholls

Todd W. Kontzie

Traci L. Kontzie



Ryan White

Stephen Kontzie

David Kontzie

Dustin Howden

Chase Howden

Ryan Kontzie

Stephanie Kontzie

Christopher Russell Kontzie + Dana Lynsey (Taggart)

Nicholas Edwin Kontzie

Benjamin Earl Gordon Kontzie

Adam Nicholls

Melissa Nicholls

Marcie Nicholls

Molly Jean Kontzie

Some Interesting Facts

First came to North America in: 1837 (Charles David Kontzie)
Lived longest: Charles David Kontzie (94 years)
Mildred Kontzie McFarlane (five days short of 96 years)
Average male lifespan: 65.9 years
Average female lifespan: 68.5 years
Most common first names: Charles, Don, Gladys (all others are unique)
Ratio of male to female: 2:1

Kontzie Coat of Arms


The Kontzie name began in the areas of Bavaria, Bohemia, and Silesia. It was first recorded in 1382 with the mention of Cuntz der Kuentzel, from the Free Imperial City of Kempten (now in southern Germany near the borders of Austria and Switzerland), and in 1388 with the mention of Cuncze von Cracow in Liegnitz, Silesia (now in western Poland, near the borders of Germany and the Czech Republic). There were many variations in the spelling of the name due to the low literacy rates in the past. A couple notable branches of the family were the Kuntz von Freyenthurn family of Bohemia who earned knighthood in 1701 and then a renewal of their noble status in 1767 (Freyenthurn was the name of their estate); and the Kuentzler family of Austria, who also acheived noble status, in 1792, along with being lieutenants in the Austrian army.

The first to arrive in North America was a group of four Kuntz, who arrived in New York in 1710. This group consisted of Matheus, Johannes, Jost, and Jacob Kuntz. The first to use the spelling of "Kuntze" in North America appears to be Hans Kuntze, who settled in Pennsylvania, in 1752. As well, the first to use the spelling of "Kontze" in North America was Charles David Kontze.

Charles David Kontze arrived in Ontario in 1837, and was followed, two years later, by another Charles, Charles August Kontze, who travelled from Bremen, Germany to Philadelphia on the Brig President on August 26, 1839. This second Charles Kontze was five years older, born in 1814, and travelled with a 4 year old child Kontze. On the ship's manifest, the age of this child Kontze was originally given as 20, but was crossed out and 4 written in. Charles August Kontze was a farmer, he intended to settle in Warren County, Mississippi after arriving in Philadelphia.

Like many surnames, there were variations in the spelling of the Kontzie name. Some documents refer to the same person and yet spell the surname either Kontzie or Kontze. The spelling of "Kontzie" appears to have began with Charles David Kontzie, and two of his children, Christian Frederick and Amelia Elizabeth. The rest of the branches from the children of Charles David Kontzie continued to use Kontze. There is one newspaper article which refers to Charles David Kuntze as the founder of Copenhagen, Ontario, but that may have been a typographical error, as that article contained several. The Kuntze and Kontze families are related, but it has yet to be determined when they became separate branches of the family. It is quite possible that the Kontze branch is descendent from the Kuntze branch because the Kuntze spelling appears to predate the Kontze spelling.

There are people in Germany, U.S.A., Australia, and New Zealand with the last name of Kontze, but it is not yet known how these people are related. As well, many people in Denmark, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, England, Canada, and the U.S., use the surname Kuntze, but again it is not known how they are related.

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