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Family Tree
Kontzie Family Tree Charles David Kontzie Ferdinand Kontzie
  Christian Frederick Kontzie Charles William Kontzie Fred J. Kontzie
Donald Cassidy Kontzie
Edwin John Kontzie Gladys Kontzie
Orval Frederick Kontzie
Gordon John Kontzie
Herbert Edwin Kontzie
Theodore Kontzie
Carrie Christine Kontze
Amelia Elizabeth Kontzie Albert Charles McFarlane
Mildred Kontzie McFarlane
Charlie Kontze
Arthur Kontze
Drysdale Family Tree John Drysdale John Harrower Drysdale
Jane Anderson Drysdale
Mary Bell Drysdale
Lizzie Drysdale
Maggie Drysdale
Edwin L. Drysdale
Ada Jesse Drysdale
McDougal Family Tree Thomas McDougal I Thomas McDougal II Thomas McDougal III Thomas McDougal IV
Christina McDougal
Joseph McDougal
Andrew McDougal
Jennie McDougal
Agnes McDougal
John McDougal
??? McDougal
Brown Family Tree George P. Brown James Arthur Brown
Dr. George Wallace Brown
Oscar Herbert Brown
Schooley Family Tree John Schooley John Asa Schooley Benjamin Schooley John Schooley Dalos Schooley Clifton Schooley Rosetta Schooley
Bell Family Tree Samuel Bell Hugh Bell Alberta Jean Bell
Strong Family Tree ??? Strong ??? Strong James Strong Dalton James Strong Yvonne Strong
Audrey Strong
Earl Dalton Strong
Grace Strong
Shirley Strong
Jamieson Family Tree William Jamieson Newton Ernest Jamieson William Lynn Jamieson
Klappstein Family Tree Gustau Klappstein Albert Klappstein Anne Marie Klappstein
Destructive Forces

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