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Charles David Kontzie

Charles David Kontze was born in Denmark on December 18, 1819. In 1837 Charles along with Barbara Elizabeth Kaiser settled in the Berlin (now Kitchener) area of Ontario, Canada after travelling from Holstien, Denmark (now part of Germany). Charles and Barbara were married the following year on April 29, 1838.

On May 8, 1851, two hundred acres of Con. 2 Lot 11, Malahide Township, Elgin County, Ontario, was purchased by Charles. He erected a hotel on the southwest corner of Lot 11. He had a sign out in front naming it "The Copenhagen Inn", named for his native capital in Denmark; thus the village became known as Copenhagen ( map). He was described in an 1880 newspaper story as the founder of the village and the man who gave it its name. Although there are currently no longer any Kontzies living in Copenhagen, the Copenhagen Inn is still there but has been turned into a furniture store.

Charles and Barbara had eight children; Ferdinand, around 1850;Christian Frederick, in 1852; Carrie Christine, in 1855; Amelia Elizabeth, in 1864; Charlie, in the 1860's?; Arthur, in 1867; along with one who travelled to Wisconsin, USA; and one which is still unknown.

Charles lived a long, eventful life. He died in 1913, at the age of 94.

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