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History of the Schooley Family

John Schooley + Frances (Nicholson)

John Asa Schooley + Sarah (???)

Benjamin Schooley + Iavina (Cutler)

John Schooley + Harriot (Haun)

Dalos Burwell Schooley + Esthen (Dent)

Clifton Minor Schooley + Mary (Hill)

Rosetta (Schooley) + Edwin John Kontzie

Some Interesting Facts

First came to North America in: 1788 (John Asa Schooley)
Lived longest: Rosetta Schooley (98 years)
Average male lifespan: 80.5 years (only two men's ages known)
Average female lifespan: 98 years (only Rose's age known)
Most common first name: John
Ratio of male to female: ??

All Scholeys (and presumably Schooleys) are descended from Tostig, brother of King Harold of England. In 1066, England, having reverted to an Anglo-Saxon king, King Harold, was conquered in the Battle of Hastings by the Normans (Vikings who had settled in northern France about 900 AD) under William the Conqueror. Tostig and King Harold Hastraada, King of Norway reinforced William the Conqueror. Tostig had helped to overthrow his brother, but he died at Stamford Bridge.

Tostig's son was Skuli. Skuli settled in Barnsley South Yorkshire, England after 1066. Skuli became de Scolay and in the 1500s Scholey. In the 1600s several Scholeys emigrated to the USA because of bigotry against their puritanism. After a few generations, many but not all began adding the extra 'o'. On the UK side of the family George Scholey, in the early 1800s became mayor of London.

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