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Rosetta Schooley

Rosetta Schooley, the daughter of Clifton Minor Schooley and Mary (Hill), was born in 1887. Rose married Edwin John Kontzie in 1907. Rose and Edwin later had four children; Gladys in 1908, Orval Frederick in 1915, Gordon John in 1917, and Herbert Edwin in 1919.

Edwin and Rose settled about 5 miles south of the homestead of Edwin's parents in southwestern Manitoba, Canada, and began farming there. This farm is still owned by Russell Gordon Kontzie, a grandson of Edwin and Rose.

Edwin and Rose retired to the nearby Village of Waskada in 1947. Edwin purchased two lots on the newly developed west side of Waskada, which was later lived on by one of their sons, Gordon John Kontzie with his second wife, Rita. Rose purchased another lot in Waskada in 1950, later lived on by another of the their sons with his wife, Orval Frederick Kontzie and Jessie (Hainsworth). Rose died in the nursing home of the neighbouring town of Deloraine in 1985, shortly after her 98th birthday.

Schooley Family Tree

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