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Family Tree

 History of the Strong Family

??? Strong

??? Strong

James Strong + Levina (???)

Dalton James Strong + Bernice (Goodman)

Yvonne (Strong) + Russ Chapin

Audrey (Strong) + ??? Caswell

Earl Dalton Strong + Catherine Ann (Jamieson)

Grace (Strong) + Ross Armstrong

Shirley (Strong) + Bill Fergusson

Diane Lynne (Strong) +

Brian Strong +

+ Russell Gordon Kontzie

+ John McBride

+ Helen (Baerg)

+ Susan (???)

Christopher Russell Kontzie + Dana Lynsey (Taggart)

Nicholas Edwin Kontzie

Benjamin Earl Gordon Kontzie

Eric Strong

Richard Earl Strong

Melissa Schlosser

Katie Strong

Riley Strong

Molly Jean Kontzie

Information on the Strong family is currently being compiled. If you have anything to contribute, then please send it here.

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