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History of the Jamieson Family

William Jamieson + Belinda (???)

Newton Ernest Jamieson + Annie Lee (Moffat)

William Lynn Jamieson + Anne Marie (Klappstein)

Catherine Ann (Jamieson) + Earl Dalton Strong

Jeune (Jamieson) + James Carter

David Jamieson + Ruth

Some Interesting Facts

First came to North America in: ~1848 (William Jamieson)
Lived longest: William Jamieson (98 years?)
Average male lifespan: ??.? years
Average female lifespan: ??.? years
Most common first name: William
Ratio of male to female: ??

The Jamieson family is descendant from the Stuarts; Jameson was a son of James Stuart and Jamieson was a grandson of James Stuart; the name originates on the Isle of Bute.

Information on the Jamieson family is currently being compiled. If you have anything to contribute, then please send it here

Stewart Tartan CLAN STEWART
NAME ON MAP: STEWARD (in the old county of) Lanark
MEANING: 'steward, keeper of the household'.

In the early 12th century Alan Fitz Flaad came to England from Brittany. He settled in Shropshire. His elder son, William FitzAlan was ancestor to the present Duke of Norfolk; his younger son, Walter went to Scotland where he was appointed High Steward of Scotland by King David I (1124-53). The office was later made hereditary. In 1315 Walter, the 6th Steward, who had commanded a wing of Bruce's army at Bannockburn, married Marjorie, daughter of King Robert the Bruce; their eldest son, Robert II , succeeded his uncle and became the first of the Stewart Kings. Robert II is known to have fathered over twenty children including John 'the Black Stewart' whom he created Sheriff of Bute and Arran circa 1385 (the spelling "Stuart" was adopted later).

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