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Albert Klappstein

Albert Klappstein, the son of Gustau Klappstein, was born in Germany in 1885. He travelled with his parents to Wisconson, USA when he was just one year old. Albert married Katherine Leng, then homesteaded at Redvers, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1903. Albert and Katherine had a daughter, Anne Marie, in March of 1905. Then in 1907 Albert return to the United States to work on the railroad. Two years later, when he was just 24 years old, he was killed in a accident in Haure, Montana when he got caught on a mail hook while riding on a train. Albert was buried in Redvers, Saskatchewan.

Katherine was born in Portage, Wisconson circa 1885. Her father was born in England, but died when the children were still just babies. Her mother, Nellie was born in the United States, but Nellie's parents came from Ireland. Katherine was left alone to look after their young children when Albert died, she re-married to David Lutz. Katherine and David continued to live in Redvers until they died many years later.

Klappstein Family Tree

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