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John Drysdale

John Drysdale was born in 1826 at Falkirk, Scotland. John emigrated to Canada in the 1850's, where he met and married Christina McDougal. He returned to Glasgow, Scotland with his new wife shortly after marrying. While in Scotland they had two children; John Harrower, in the late 1850's; and Jane Anderson, in 1860. They returned to Ontario, Canada in 1862, after only being in Scotland for a few years. John and Christina settled on a farm near Dunboyne, Ontario and had a total of seven children, the others were: Mary Bell, Lizzie, Maggie, Edwin, and Ada Jesse.

John lived on his farm near Dunboyne for nearly 45 years. Despite being raised as a Presbyterian, he became a member of the Methodist church in Dunboyne and was superintedent of the Sunday School. John died in 1907, at the age of 81.

Drysdale Family Tree

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