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My Predictions For The 21st Century

March 6, 2001

• the internet will reach a speed/bandwidth equal to a typical hard drive today
• the second most important purpose of the internet, next to communication, will be distributive processing - the use of all computers connected to the internet, to perform intensive calculations collectively, similar to how SETI@home works today
• optical and molecular circuits will allow computers to be 10000 times more powerful than today's copper/aluminum/silicon circuits
• virtual reality and voice-command will reach their potentials, and become widely used
• artificial intelligence will go beyond human intelligence - there will be debate about how far we should allow A.I. to go: should we allow computers/robots to be more intelligent than we are?
• the ability to transfer our intelligence, memories, and personalities into a computer/robot will occur before the end of the 21st century, making immortality/perpetuity possible
• the human population will reach a peak of 10 to 12 billion
• 50 to 500 people will live in a self-sustaining colony on Mars, similar development may occur on the Moon, and beneath Earth's oceans
• every country in the world will reach technological advancement within 5 years of the mean - the most advanced will be 5 years ahead, and the least advanced will be 5 years behind the average country
• long distant space travel will become easier with the use of perpetual force propulsion - once the spacecraft has left the gravitational force of a planet and a certain velocity is achieved, the lack of gravity will allow a perpetual force propulsion system, along with the help of inertia, to power a spacecraft without the need for fuel, similar to how electric cars use their brakes to charge their batteries
• permanent Martian residents will be considered different from humans because of the effects that the prolonged exposure to a different degree of gravity will have on their bodies - they will be taller and weaker, so a trip to Earth would require them to wear special supportive suits

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