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Expansion of the Universe

I have always wondered how it is possible for the universe to be expanding as scientists suggest. In order for the universe to be expanding, and therefore finite, a great (infinite) void would have to exist beyond it for the universe to expand into.

This suggests that the universe is a finite entity rather than infinite space. Perhaps the universe is opposite in structure to a black hole, it is a vast expanding space rather than a dense contracted space. A black hole crushes/implodes everything and releases small amounts of energy, so if opposite, the universe should consume energy in order to expand.

Black holes may be what cause the universe to expand, they are holes within the bubble that is the universe. If that is true and the occurrence of black holes is equal to rate of expansion, then the universe may in fact be finite.

That leads to other questions: is this expansion necessary for the concept of time and the forward motion of time? If the universe stopped expanding, what effect would that have? Will the positioning and number of black holes ever divide the universe into two separate entities? Or has that already occurred?

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