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November 9, 2001

Why do great ideas come so suddenly and sporadically? Continuing and expanding upon a thought is simple, but where do these profound ideas come from in the first place?

Profound ideas include new inventions, stories, scientific revelations, along with other various mediums. While most ideas do require time to reach completion, the initial idea usually arrives suddenly, or at least it appears to.

These profound ideas are created by your mind making a connection between various pieces of memory and knowledge, and a practical use for it. Usually it is a solution to a problem you have experienced at some point, or an improvement upon your initial solution.

The memory of a computer is much like that of the human mind, and that is, quite likely, not a coincidence. Conditions such as Amnesia are much like deleting a file on your computer, the information is not really gone, just the pointer to it is gone, eliminating the knowledge of its location in memory.

Many ideas occur suddenly just before you fall asleep because that is when your unconscious mind is organizing memories by moving them from short-term memory into long-term memory. The unconscious mind creates links between related information to make it easier to remember, this is when you may make a connection and suddenly have a profound idea. Since the unconscious mind functions separately from the conscious mind, you are usually unaware of why or how you came up with this profound idea.

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