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Expression can be a difficult thing. Yes, we are able to express ourselves through speech, but is it possible to consciously express how we feel accurately or is expression something which is left to the subconscious?

This may be why we are sometimes able to express our thoughts and feelings better through other mediums; music, art, dance, gesture, etc. This allows us to give our subconscious a voice to communicate to the conscious and subconscious of others - how others interpret the meaning behind art or poetry may differ just as the interpretation of the spoken word can vary without gesture or vocal intonation to guide our interpretation.

An emotional event can stir our minds and re-ignite our creative self. At times of 'stress' we may force our selves to take time to reflect on the cause of this stress and in turn break a pattern of unfocused thought by allowing our unconscious to catch-up with previous input. Perhaps this stressful event may also create such a large amount of thought that our minds are able to continue at this level provided that the level of stimuli is maintained. An emotional event which is not resolved quickly may just allow us to open our minds to further thought in the search for a way to explain the event to ourselves in a satisfactory manner.

We may have difficulty expressing our resolution to our problems in a traditional form of communication (speech), so we turn to various forms of art to communicate our resolution to the problem. This may be a result of the primitive nature of our Limbic System which controls our emotions. We revert back to a basic form of communication just as our primitive ancestors painted on rocks, other mammals grunt, growl, moan, and howl, and tribal communities dance and chant.

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